Fun, budget-friendly family activities, the best ingredients for good memories

Spend quality time together by exploring new places, events and happenings in your area. So mark your calendar, show up and get ready to for some serious fun!

Plan a picnic at the park

Newer parks have better facilities, landscaping and picnic tables. Find a shady spot, set up base then join the kids at play on the swings. Or take a slow walk and enjoy a breather before tucking into a delicious picnic brunch. You can even bring soap bubbles as an after meal activity with the kids. Kick back, relax, soak up the atmosphere and watch the bubbles drift by.

Family baking session
Family members participating in the whole process of preparing and baking a cake or cookies can be loads of fun. And no matter how it turns out, the real reward is sharing the fruits of labour together and being able to laugh during the session and also after its done.


Have fun at a charity flea market

Arrive early before it gets crowded and browse through the unique stalls selling items at bargain prices. Set a small budget aside and have fun haggling for the best deals among vintage finds, antiques and quirky second hand items.


Hike up a hill with a cool vantage point

Take a leisurely hike up a scenic walking trail heading uphill. This is the perfect setting for the kids to take photos of plants and wildflowers. Remember to wear good shoes and carry a knapsack with water and supplies. Once you’ve reached the top; breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the view and take lots of selfies!


Take part in a charity ‘fun run’ to support a good cause

Show up as eager participants in a family run event. Run all the way to the finish line, you might score yourself a medal! Or simply take your time, strolling along and be happy to have done a good deed.


Be an eco-volunteer

Join in a tree-planting exercise, recycling project or help clean up your neighbourhood. You’ll make a difference and encourage the kids to be more conscious of their surroundings.


Track down your favourite food trucks or street stalls for some delicious bites

Try out some tasty meals-on-wheels for a change! Sit out in the open and share some stories while waiting for your order. Move on to the next venue to satiate your foodie cravings. We recommend have a sweet treat before the night is over.