6 ways to get your kids off the couch and get ‘crafty'

Get kids excited about making some fun art projects while recycling at the same time. Save a bunch of empty MARIGOLD canned milk tin cans and keep all art materials at hand to make the following craft items easily. Then clear a large table, line with newspapers and start making some really fun creations in a weekend!

1. Tin can bowling game

Get 10 empty cans; wash, dry and paint the outside of the cans and leave to dry overnight. Draw funny faces using a marker pen on the front half of the can. Stack the cans up, then stand at a distance and throw a tennis ball at the cans. The aim of the game is to knock down as many cans as possible with just 2 throws.

2. Ball in the can

Get 10 empty cans, paint, marker pens and some ping pong balls. Wash, dry and paint the outside of the cans. Dry them overnight. Mark each can with a different number ranging from 1 to 10. Line the cans up along a wall and stand a distance away. Each person gets to throw 3 ping pong balls into the cans one at a time. Keep score and the one with the highest points wins!

3. ‘Mummies’ themed candy cans

Paint some empty cans with black paint and leave them to dry overnight. Get a few rolls of white bandage. Glue one end of the bandage securely to the lowest part of the can. Keep wrapping it around and make sure the layers of the bandage overlap as you go around. Once the whole can is completely covered, glue the end of the bandage to the top part of the can. Glue on a pair of ‘googly eyes’ that you can buy from craft shops or make your own. Pull the bandage slightly apart in the middle to show a mouth. Fill your monster looking ‘mummies’ with candy bars, chocolate bars and lollipops and wow your friends!

4. Desk organiser

Get a tray that fits 4 cans. Wash, dry and paint the cans white then dry overnight. Tape the top edge of the cans with white masking tape to cover any sharp edges. Decorate the outside of the can with fabric or coloured paper. Use a glue gun to fix the cans onto the tray and let it dry. Fill each can with marker pens, colour pencils, scissors and rulers and you will now have a handy place to keep all your stationery in order.

5. ‘Minion’ themed cutlery holder

Paint some empty cans with yellow paint on the top half and blue on the bottom half. Leave them to dry overnight. Tape the top edge of the cans with white masking tape to cover any sharp edges. Paint over tape and dry. Use a glue gun to attach a cut-out ‘minion goggles’ and ‘minion safety glasses’ plus other details that go along with your theme. Use these cans to hold your disposable spoons, forks and straws at your ‘one-in-a minion’ party!

6. Fun noise makers

Wash, dry and paint a few empty cans in colourful colours and leave them to dry. Cut a few circles from a piece of cardboard that are slightly bigger than the top of the can. Now fill the can with a tablespoon of uncooked beans. Cover the open end of the can with a cardboard circle and tape securely. Shake the can and you’ve got a cool noise maker!

Note: Ensure the cut edges of the tin cans are well taped over to cover any sharp edges.